“It’s Halloween, and all the cats are out on the town…except one scared little kitten who’s not feeling brave at all. But when her mama finds her, she learns to take it all in and might even find her courage before the night is over. Written in upbeat rhyming verse, Diane Muldrow’s feline tale is enhanced by Tiffany Chen’s super cute illustrations. The sheer variety of cats on parade in this book is enough to make any cat lover swoon, and the story is sweet enough to enjoy all year long.”
— Book RiotChildren’s Halloween Books to Keep the Spirit Alive All Year Long

“This seasonal story unfolds through the eyes of a wise cat who captures the fun and festivities of Halloween in playful rhyming couplets. The feline narrator explains that cats from far and wide have joined together to give young trick-or-treaters an amusing scare, all in good fun. 
VERDICT This delightful Halloween adventure is ideal for a quick holiday story time session.”
— School Library Journal

“From the cover image of a rooftop-leaping kitty’s shadowy silhouette, it’s clear that Halloween has gone to the cats in this celebration of trick-or-treat and felinekind. Muldrow builds a bit of gentle suspense with rhyming text narrated by “Country cats—/fancy cats—from far and near—/alley cats—house cats—no scaredy cats here!” The kitties form a quiet-footed fleet that’s out to frighten trick-or-treaters “with /a / yowl!” As the mammals playfully stalk a group of costumed kids portrayed with varying skin tones, a parallel plot tracks a kitten, frightened by the commotion and crying for its mama before a fuzzy reunion. Chen gets the clowder’s postures and behaviors just right, creating cat-tastically crowded, digitally rendered interspecies scenes of friends having a joyful, treat-filled time. Fun for cat lovers and Halloween fans alike. Ages 3–7.”
— Publishers Weekly

“. . . .This tale will inspire preschoolers to overcome their own fears. It contains a message of the importance of family, community, friendship, and fun. The use of wordplay and made-up words adds to the whimsical element of the narrative, engaging young readers and tickling their sense of humor. . . . This delightful Halloween adventure is ideal for a quick holiday story time session.”

“The neighborhood kitties are out for a prowl on Halloween!. . . . Muldrow’s rhyming romp is a fine feline addition to libraries with large Halloween collections or as a gift for a favorite kitty collector. . . . A seasonal story with nary a scare, suitable for tiny tot cat fans.”

#1 Overall and Hardcover title of 2014, Indie Adult Nonfiction Bestseller List

a #2 New York Times Bestseller

a #1 L.A. Times Bestseller

a #1 Indie Adult Nonfiction Bestseller

a #1 Heartland Bestseller

a #1 Pacific Northwest Bestseller

a Book Sense National Bestseller

a Publishers Weekly Bestseller

a Wall Street Journal Bestseller

a USA Today Bestseller

a 2013 Amazon Best Book of the Year selection

“A fun and entertaining walk down memory lane for anyone who has grown up within the last 60 years or so and had the pleasure of reading and loving a Little Golden Book. The author, the longtime editorial director at Golden Books, has cleverly strung together a collection of images and text from approximately 65 different books into a guide about enjoying life and what’s important. This title will be great for sharing one-on-one with children. . .” — School Library Journal

“Muldrow, editorial director at Golden Books, pairs vintage illustrations from titles originally published in the 1940s, ’50s, and ’60s with aphorisms designed to boost spirits. . . Readers who grew up with Little Golden Books illustrated by the likes of Mary Blair, Tibor Gergely, and Garth Williams will enjoy this optimistic and cheering trip down memory lane.” — Publishers Weekly

“A charming compendium of little reminders about what it takes to live a happy and fulfilling life today.” — Brain Pickings

  • a New York Times Bestseller
  • an Indie Adult Nonfiction Bestseller

“Muldrow . . . returns with a second witty compilation of wisdom inspired by the beloved line of children’s books. . . a book that will resonate with readers young and old.” — Publishers Weekly

“…this unabashed exercise in nostalgia brims with good cheer.” — Wall Street Journal

  • a New York Times Bestseller
  • an Indie Adult Nonfiction Bestseller

  • a New York Times Bestseller
  • an Indie Adult Nonfiction Bestseller

  • a 2010 Chicago Public Library Best of the Best selection
  • a 2010 Bank Street Best Children’s Book of the Year
  • a 2010 Green Book Festival Honorable Mention
  • a New York State Reading Association Charlotte Award finalist
  • a DailyCandy All-Time Favorites Kids’ Book

“. . . Muldrow’s simple poem–paired with winsome illustrations by New Yorker cover artist Bob Staake–takes its inspiration from [Nobel Prize winner Wangari] Maathai’s vision of using trees to help heal the earth. We Planted a Tree tells a story that is as simple as it is profound. . .” — The Christian Science Monitor

We Planted a Tree is bright, poetic, and engaging. . . The story is vast, showing families and living situations from all over the world including Kenya, Japan, Italy, and France. . . Every page dazzles with whimsy and promises to win over your tot while teaching about colors, shapes, and nature. . .”

“With a synergistic mesh of lyrical language and bright, expansive illustrations, this picture book . . . is a winner. Muldrow’s poetic text shapes beauty from simple observations. . .”
— School Library Journal

“In American Diane Muldrow’s We Planted a Tree, . . . the tree that’s planted is both local and global. . . a Golden Book at its old best.”
— The Toronto Star

We Planted a Tree is a paean to growth and nurturing and vitality. . . a book for all ages. . .” — The Montreal Gazette

“Most kids are fascinated by the idea of a baby in a mommy’s tummy, and this charming [novelty] book takes that interest to a new level. . . . This double whammy of interest and action makes it a guaranteed hit with kids.” The Calgary Herald