Meowl-o-ween by Diane Muldrow

A 2024 CBC Teacher Pick

“Past the jack-o’-lanterns we will prowl . . .
to scare trick-or-treaters with a yowl!

It’s Meowl-o-ween, and the cats are out! In the glow of a harvest moon they gather — whiskers twitching, tails a-switching.
Led by a scruffy black cat, they slink, pounce, and scare on the spookiest night of the year.

But not all the cats are enjoying Halloween . . . a lost kitten is
frightened by the crowds, until Mama finds her and they watch
the cats’ parade together.

In this spooky-but-sweet Halloween tale, Kitten finds the
courage to take part in the fun. It’s her turn to dare—to give a
brave little scare—on frightful, delightful Meowl-o-ween!

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