We Planted a Tree Chosen for Curriculum

We Planted a Tree was used in curriculum in Millburn, NJ 2nd grade classrooms during Climate Change Action Week.

“… members of the office read the book We Planted a Tree by Diane Muldrow to second grade students across the district. Students were able to address afterward how they hope to play their part in helping the planet.”

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New Book!!!

Pub Date: September 5, 2023
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From the cover image of a rooftop-leaping kitty’s shadowy silhouette, it’s clear that Halloween has gone to the cats in this celebration of trick-or-treat and felinekind. Muldrow builds a bit of gentle suspense with rhyming text narrated by “Country cats—/fancy cats—from far and near—/alley cats—house cats—no scaredy cats here!” The kitties form a quiet-footed fleet that’s out to frighten trick-or-treaters “with /a / yowl!” As the mammals playfully stalk a group of costumed kids portrayed with varying skin tones, a parallel plot tracks a kitten, frightened by the commotion and crying for its mama before a fuzzy reunion. Chen gets the clowder’s postures and behaviors just right, creating cat-tastically crowded, digitally rendered interspecies scenes of friends having a joyful, treat-filled time. Fun for cat lovers and Halloween fans alike. Ages 3–7. 
— Publishers Weekly

“. . . .This tale will inspire preschoolers to overcome their own fears. It contains a message of the importance of family, community, friendship, and fun. The use of wordplay and made-up words adds to the whimsical element of the narrative, engaging young readers and tickling their sense of humor. . . . This delightful Halloween adventure is ideal for a quick holiday story time session.”

“The neighborhood kitties are out for a prowl on Halloween!. . . . Muldrow’s rhyming romp is a fine feline addition to libraries with large Halloween collections or as a gift for a favorite kitty collector. . . A seasonal story with nary a scare, suitable for tiny tot cat fans.”
— Kirkus

We Planted a Tree on Arbor Day

Mayor reads Diane’s book to Michigan grammar school

From the Montcalm County and Ionia County Daily News:

IONIA, MICHIGAN — To commemorate Arbor Day, fifth graders at Jefferson Elementary School in Ionia participated in a hands-on demonstration of a tree planting, received a special proclamation from the city and had an extensive question and answer session with the mayor on Friday afternoon. Ionia fifth graders triumphantly plopped the ivory silk lilac tree into the ground where, with proper care, it should thrive for decades.

After the tree planting ceremony Mayor Daniel Balice read Diane Muldrow’s award-winning book We Planted a Tree to the students, followed by an “ask me anything” session.

“Planting trees is not only beautiful, but it’s good for the environment,” said Ionia Mayor Daniel Balice. “It helps with providing shade and it certainly is an important part of the beautification of streets and buildings. We want them to know that replenishing our tree stock as they inevitably get old and get sick — and sometimes we have to cut them down — is an important part of our stewardship for the world.”

DN Photos | Tim McAllister

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